Insulating Material

  • Electromagnetic Wire Wrapped Around The Cutting Tape

    Electromagnetic Wire Wrapped Around The Cutting Tape

    The non-woven fabric has high heat resistance, excellent impregnation and dielectric properties, uniform and flat surface, small thickness deviation and high tensile strength; milky white PET polyester film has passed UL certification in the US; , processed into various specifications of the magnetic wire insulation layer with a slitting tape.

  • Insulation Paper Coated With Epoxy (full Adhesive Paper)

    Insulation Paper Coated With Epoxy (full Adhesive Paper)

    An insulating material made of cable paper as a substrate and a special modified epoxy resin coated on cable paper. The coil has a very good ability to resist axial short-circuit stress; improving the permanent impact resistance of the coil against heat and force is beneficial to the life and reliability of the transformer.

  • Crepe paper tube as insulating material for transformers

    Crepe Paper Tube

    The crepe paper tube is made of electrical wrinkle insulation paper by special processing, and is mainly used for the insulation wrapping material of the inner wire of the oil immersed transformer. It is mainly used for high and low taps in the oil-immersed transformer body and soft wrinkle paper sleeve for screw outer insulation. It has reliable flexibility and excellent bending and bending in any direction.

  • Copper foils strips for transformers

    Copper Processing

    According to the requirements of the user’s drawings, the copper bars are bent and cut in various specifications.

  • Insulation paper AMA for transformer and motor

    Ama Insulation Paper

    AMA is a new type of electrical insulating material made of polyester film and two layers of imported high-quality cable paper, and then the special modified epoxy resin is evenly coated on the AMA. It is mainly used for oil-immersed transformers to replace the original insulation materials and enhance the interlayer insulation performance.

  • Epoxy coated fiberglass mesh

    Insulation mesh netting

    The mesh fabric adopts high-quality raw materials and uses advanced production technology. The mesh fabric has impregnation, no air bubbles inside, no partial discharge, high insulation level, and its temperature resistance level can reach “H” level, not only in It has high mechanical strength at normal temperature and high mechanical strength at high temperatures. It ensures that the pouring transformer and reactor can operate normal at high temperatures.

  • Epoxy Resin For Dry Transformer

    Epoxy Resin For Dry Transformer

    Low viscosity, resistance to cracking, good mechanical properties, high temperature resistance

    Applicable products: dry type transformers, reactors, transformers and related products

    Applicable process: vacuum casting

  • Phenolic laminated paper tube for transformer

    Phenolic Paper Tube

    It has certain insulation and mechanical strength and is suitable for insulating structural parts of electrical equipment.

  • Epoxy prepreg Insulation materials

    Epoxy prepreg Insulation materials

    The F-grade epoxy resin prepreg is made of polyester film polyester fiber non-woven soft composite material and impregnated with heat-resistant epoxy resin. It replaces imported heat-resistant epoxy non-woven fabric pre-impregnated resin non-woven fabric (HTEPP), has excellent electrical properties, heat resistance, flame retardancy, long storage period at room temperature, can be used as dry-type transformer low-voltage coil interlayer insulation and F-class Motor slot insulation and phase insulation.

  • Epoxy Resin For Bushing, Outdoor Insulators Or Transformers

    Epoxy Resin For Bushing, Outdoor Insulators Or Transformers

    Product features: high Tg, anti-cracking, high temperature resistance, UV resistance

    Applicable products: insulating parts such as bushings, insulators, transformers, etc.

    Applicable process: APG, vacuum casting

  • Electrical Insulation Cardboard

    Electrical Insulation Cardboard

    High Density Electrical Insulation Board: Paperboard made from 100% high purity wood pulp on a batch board machine. The characteristics are: tightness, uniform thickness, smooth surface, high mechanical strength, toughness and electrical insulation. Widely used in transformers, reactors, transformers and other power transmission and transformation equipment.

  • Pmp Capacitor insulation paper

    Pmp Capacitor insulation paper

    Polyester film capacitor paper soft composite foil is an insulating material product formed by the upper layer of two layers of capacitor paper coated with a polyester film coating adhesive, referred to as PMP. The polyester film capacitor paper soft com posite foil has good dielectric properties and high mechanical strength, and is suitable for gasket insulation of various high voltage transformers.

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