Order Information

When choosing our products, please provide the following data in order to better provide service for you:

Transformer Model:__________________
Rated Capacity:_____________________
Phase Number: three phase single phase
Frequency: 50HZ 60HZ
Rated volage(primary side/secondary side):___Kv/____Kv
Tapping range: ±2 x 2.5% ±5% ±8 x 1.25%   others______________
Insulation level: By international standard          Special standard SI/LI/AC__/__/__Kv
Junction group: Dyn11  Yyn0  Ynd11  Yd11  Ynyn0d11  Yna0d11  others
(Remarks:The Capital Letters are on behalf of high voltage link. The small letters are on behalf of low voltage link.)
Short circuit resistance: By international standard   others
Conditions of usage:
1.Altitude≤1000m ______m
2.Environment temperature≤40℃ ______℃
Optional accessory configuration and requirements:

System: Yes(AF) No(AN)

Transformer into method:
1.High voltage lines: bottom cable entry   Top cable entry  Power distribution transformer CT  Others
2.Low pressure outlet method: Regular line   Others

Temperature control system
1.Function: General features(standard)  Other(check below)  RS485 interface  4-20Ma analog output
2.Thermostat control line length
   Thermostat needed length
  □Standard  other lengths_________m

Other requirements for our products:


1.Conventional transformer quotation of our company not include above optional accessories non-standard options which will produce a fee. Please the customers verify carefully selected options.
2. If the customers have no choice of configuration of transformer accessories, our company will supply the order according to the standard configuration.

Our Promise

Yawei Electrical Group Co., Ltd. always persue that "People First, Science and Technology for Development, Quality for Market and Brand name for Benefit ". We adhere to the business philosophy of”honest and trustworthy”. We actively culture and develop the brand in order to create first-class well-known enterprises supplying high quality products and good after-sales service.

Thanks for using the products of Yawei Electrical Group Co., Ltd. Our company commits to product quality after-sales service as follows to ensure the reliance of products:
1.AII the products of Yawei Electrical Group Co., Ltd. are in strict accordance with the domestic and international standard and also industry standard. We confirm to offer "free three guarantees”for one year after sales.

2.If any performance and technical problems, Yawei Electrical Group Co., Ltd. will replace unconditionally and bear the corresponding economic losses. For the problems caused by other reasons, our company will actively assist to solve the difficulties of the customers in order to ensure product can be put into operation in time and reduce losses to minimum.

3.For the sold products, Yawei Electrical Group Co., Ltd. will actively cooperate with the customer in site operation and maintenance. We will also provide the cost price of spare parts according to the the necessity of the customer.

4.Yawei Electrical Group Co., Ltd. Take ”Quality First, User Paramountcy"as principle.